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7 steps to building an outstanding alumni program in professional services

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Why Vuture's LexisNexis Alumni Solution?

Fast Results:

Eliminate time-intensive management of your alumni program. With Vuture’s LexisNexis Alumni solution, much of the work is automated and fully integrated with InterAction. The systems does the hard work so you can focus on adding value.


Effective Targeting:

Minimize the risk of sending out your best content to a competitor due to lack of adequate targeting. Thanks to the integration with InterAction, you can segment your Alumni to ensure the relevant information is being seen by the right people at the appropriate time.


Opportunity Tracking:

Avoid missing the perfect opportunity or the perfect recruit because you have lost track of highly influential Alumni, who could have made an introduction on your behalf. 


Easy to get started:

Enjoy quick deployment.  In just 8 weeks your firm can have a fully-functioning, integrated, intelligent Alumni system driving success for your business development and talent management strategy.