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7 steps to building an outstanding alumni program in professional services

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Unlock the Power of Your Alumni Network: 3 Webinar Take Aways


We believe that this is an important subject for any professional services business development function looking to leverage the power of their most valuable assets - People and Knowledge


1. Firms might think of alumni as a discreet administrative function but in reality it provides the key to an often under exposed and untapped opportunity of such significance that it should be an essential function of any business development program.

Alumni reaches right across referrals, direct business and conflict opportunities to names just a few and provides often untapped potential that the largest professional services companies are now taking notice of in a range of ways, some of which are highlighted in the webinar recording.


2. A joined up approach to an Alumni program as with any business development initiative is essential. To this end we are able to demonstrate that an alumni program seamlessly integrated with InterAction CRM accelerates the returns from such a program by delivering measurable ROI.

InterAction only integrates with Vuture for Alumni and through Vuture is able to provides a single source of truth, a centralised analytics dashboard, enhanced data security, personalisation, automation and access to an array of marketing channels – social, email, event management.


3. Brand leadership and talent management is essential to a CRM integrated Alumni program. At a time when the talent pool is shrinking but professional services as a sector is growing, it is easy to see understand the impact opportunity of lost talent and escalating recruitment fees that might be the result of an alumni program without adequate investment. 


The above take away points are from Vuture's and LexisNexis' recent webinar: Unlock the Power of Your Alumni Network